Jacquie Wilson, VolleyGirls Director

Company Culture Specialist, Chief Officer of Fun and Volleyball Jedi

Also, Wife, Mom and wait for it… also a Nana this year. It’s a boy, I’m thrilled!

Wilson family... Dave, Kaitlyn, Jacquie, Kendall

Wilson family… Dave, Kaitlyn, Jacquie, Kendall

Where it all started

I have two awesome daughters, Kaitlyn and Kendall that started to play volleyball in elementary school. I watched every game and had the urge to get back on the court after playing college volleyball. I have my girls to thank for my return to the court!

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My volunteer career started when I assisted a club team my daughter Kaitlyn played on. I then jumped in to coach a grassroots program the following season. I was truly loving the experience and wanted to learn everything I could about youth development. As I became more involved, the VolleyGirls brand was created.  It started as a passion project and is now my beloved small business too! My ambition is to introduce the sport to new players in a fun first culture.

We started with a house league and development program. Then came beach volleyball, academy, and summer camps. Now, in one weekend we often have over 300 girls playing volleyball. Our incredible coaches have the same passion that I do and many of them have been with VolleyGirls since the beginning. After all these years there is nothing more gratifying than walking into the gym or beach courts and seeing so many young athletes playing volleyball and having fun.

I must admit, I am starting to feel old now as I play in a women’s league with my daughter and compete against some of the girls I coached years ago but I’m not hanging up the knee pads yet!

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!