Parents! What you should know!

Junior Programs (ages 8-12)
Time: 9am-12pm (indoor/grass)  & 1pm to 4pm (beach)
Participants may be new to the sport or will have limited volleyball experience. Lighter balls and lower nets will be used as needed.

Senior Programs (ages 12-15)
Time: 9am to 12pm (beach) & 1 pm-4pm (indoor/grass)

COVID Communications/Announcements:
VolleyGirls will follow the direction from the government of Ontario and will no longer require participants to show proof of vaccination as of March 1.  All of our coaches, staff and volunteers are vaccinated and we strongly encourage all participants to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in all of our programs.

Effective March the 22nd, the City of Burlington has decided to align with the Province’s plan to remove mandatory masking requirements.  At VolleyGirls, we will be supporting coaches, volunteers and families whether they choose to wear a mask or not in our programs. We ask that you do the same in return, respect everyone’s personal decision as we move forward.

Camp #1BEACH PARTYJuly 4 to 8Jr. Beach1pm-4pm
Camp #1July 4 to 8Sr. Beach9am-12pm
Camp #2 - FULL!July 11 to 15Jr. Indoor9am-12pm
Camp #2 - FULL!July 11 to 15Jr. Beach1pm-4pm
Camp #2 - FULL!July 11 to 15Sr. Beach9am-12pm
Camp #2 - FULL!July 11 to 15Sr. Indoor1pm-4pm
Camp #3 - FULL!July 18 to 22Jr. Indoor9am-12pm
Camp # 3 - FULL!July 18 to 22Jr. Beach1pm-4pm
Camp #3 - FULL!July 18 to 22Sr. Beach9am-12pm
Camp # 3 - FULL!July 18 to 22Sr. Indoor1pm - 4pm
WESTERN Yellowstone
Camp #4- FULL!August 8 to 12Jr. Indoor9am - 12pm
Camp #4 August 8 to 12Jr. Beach1pm - 4pm
Camp #4 - FULL!August 8 to 12Sr. Beach9am - 12pm
Camp #4 - FULL!August 8 to 12Sr. Indoor1pm - 4pm
Camp #5 - FULL!August 15 to 19Jr. Indoor9am - 12pm
Camp #5August 15 to 19Jr. Beach1pm - 4pm
Camp #5 - FULL!August 15 to 19Sr. Beach9am - 12pm
Camp #5 - FULL!August 15 to 19Sr. Indoor1pm - 4pm
Camp #6August 22 to 26Jr. Beach1pm - 4pm
Camp #6 - FULL!August 22 to 26Sr. Beach9am - 12pm

Full day programs lunch supervision will be provided
Early drop off    8:30 am
Late pick up       4:30 pm

Beach Sessions:    $199 +HST
Indoor/Grass Court Sessions: $199 +HST


Indoor & Beach Camp Location: Trinity Christian School, 2170 Itabashi Way, Burlington

What we will do at camp?? HAVE FUN!!!

Skill Instruction: serving, passing, setting, hitting, and appropriate footwork
Game Knowledge: Rules of the game & game situation drills.
Skill Assessment: Athletes will be placed in groups according to their existing skill level to progress all athletes at the appropriate pace. Daily prizes and giveaways are presented to participants for exemplary efforts throughout the camp.
Coaches: VG Coaches; OVA Certified Club Coaches, Sr OVA athletes
Volunteers: VG & OVA senior players provide technical role models.
Camp Essentials: OUTDOORS – sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, (healthy lunch for full-day campers) snacks, water bottle, change of clothes, be prepared for rain. INDOORS – healthy snack, water, non-marking runners, knee pads optional.
Friend Requests: Please email Sola at admin@volleygirls.ca with the names of friends and camp week you would like to participate in together.

Summer Camp Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • No summer camp refunds after June 10th, 2022.
  • Cancellations prior to June the 10th are subject to a $30 (+HST) admin fee.
  • Camp participants may transfer to another summer camp program if space is available and if a request is received by email no later than 6 pm on the Wednesday evening prior to the first day of the camp week the child is enrolled. There will be a $25 (+HST) admin change fee.